About me

Welcome! I’m Katie, a nearly-40 mom, wife, writer, etc.

I grew up in the ’90s in a tiny village in the foothills of the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains in Virginia. I’m the youngest of four siblings and the only girl in my family, which is honestly its own story. My husband, Derek, and my stepdaughter, Mea, came into my life in 2007. Our son, Connor, was born in 2011 and we have been homeschooling him for years.

We also have four old, mostly small dogs: Marty, Beatrice, Safari, and Dodo.

I’m a full-time writer for Showbiz Cheat Sheet, but I also write for fun. From a near-death experience to somewhat magical beliefs, I have things to share that aren’t part of any other story but my own. And this is my place to share them. So, please enjoy!

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