For those who don’t know me

I’m at a bizarre intersection, being a small-town person who never leaves their house and also being someone who writes about famous people, sometimes ending up on new radars.

I rely on people I don’t know to read my articles to let me know how I perform. So, thank you very much for that!

If you haven’t already, check out my Showbiz author page, and please read away. Read all day! Whether reading here or there, again, thank you!

But my first note for this post is a quick one: not everything I write reflects me, as part of my job is sometimes to cover trending topics.

Sometimes I get to write from a fan’s perspective, which is the most fun.

This picture is like a look and find of a few things that interest me.

Other times, I’m just collecting information and writing articles. And I’m always just doing my job. That’s something to consider if you want to send me a message, which is more than ok with me.

I like getting notes from readers! It’s great to know a little about the people spending time with my articles. And sometimes, someone shares something I didn’t know or wants to ask a question. It’s always welcome!

As for my second point, I’ve been deliberating what to do about the random friend and message requests I get on social media. I used to ignore them, but I never wanted to seem cold to people who take the time to read and like to share their appreciation.

Now I do try and field them a little more. Whether I respond is dependent on who they are and what they say.

For instance, I don’t love getting messages from people asking personal things about me without any point. I don’t find it friendly, even if that is the intention. I’m going to assume you’re a scammer.

I understand some people network and like to chat more directly through private messages, but I’m not typically going to be one of those people.

Making new friendly connections is fun, but I’ve been happily married to my best friend and biggest fan for almost 14 years. So, I’m rooted right where I am.

Again, this blog is a great place to get acquainted with me as a writer if anyone is interested. But if you still want to know a little more, follow me on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter.

That’s it! Short and sweet.


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  1. April S

    You are doing a great job!

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    1. katierookwriter

      Thank you so much!


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